Professional: selling Email Marketing

These contents are specially written for web agencies and web marketing freelancers.

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Sell Email Marketing Database from your WordPress Site

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Why sell email marketing? (later we’ll go deeper into) Integrate Bancomail services into your daily business Sell targeted and guaranteed email lists by connecting to our database. Plus, if you have your own sending platform let your customers consult, purchase or download new records for their Email Marketing. Set up and ready to sell within… Read more »

Email Security: SPF and DKIM what is it and how it works?

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Email authentication is a part of the email delivery process. To improve the success of email campaigns we recommend to authenticate your email using DKIM and SPF. There are at least two reasons to use those protocols: Enhance your email reputation as sender. Each email sender has his own reputation which is generated by ISP. Many email… Read more »

Mobile reading: benchmarks depends on the sector

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Almost all the emails are read on mobile devices, it ‘s quite common to hear this but let’s go beyond. Experian Marketing Services recent’s research for the second quarter of 2015 shows a desktop openings rate of 48% versus 40% on smartphone and 12% on tablet. What interests is that the percentage changes depends on the… Read more »