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Buy email lists, when and why it’s convenientBuying email lists is a popular solution, but what results can be achieved? Is the purchase really worth it?


Email marketing is part of every company’s marketing omnichannel strategies. Whether through lists built in house or purchased, it is essential to use emails to build good relationships with old customers and seek for new ones. But is purchasing an email list really worth it? Under the right conditions, the answer is surely yes.

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CPM, PPC, CPC vs Cold Email Marketing

CPM, PPC, CPC vs Cold Email Marketing or the advantages of Cold Email Marketing and why it is not a bad idea. The world of online advertising can be complicated, sometimes even biased. There are many marketing channels and each has its own pros and cons. For a startup can be incredibly difficult to choose… Read more »

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How to use (Email) Marketing to scare off your Competitors!

Halloween and Email Marketing are a perfect match. Email is one of the most productive marketing channels: 86% of a Hubspot B2B research (2018) respondents states that it remains the favorite channel for commercial communications and 89% of marketers interviewed by a Mailigen search stated that email is the main channel to acquire Lead Generation…. Read more »

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GDPR compliance of Bancomail Database for Cold Email Marketing

In Bancomail, compliance with regulations is fundamental, which is why we have always been committed to know and respect the current and applicable regulations for the protection of the contacts in our Database. Doing our work requires the maintenance of a risk-free Database. To do so, we have – since 2001 – scrupulously followed every… Read more »

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Google announces AMP for Email – an even more interactive Email MarketingThe technology is developed to allow more actions directly in the inbox, like booking a hotel or completing a form without abandoning your email.

Why to read only the Email when we open our inbox? Google wants to offer users the ability to perform multiple tasks directly from their email like responding to a survey or making an appointment. Google will get this result by bringing its AMP technology, Accelerate Mobile Page, within Gmail, which now has more than… Read more »