Tilo Oschatz

Business Development - German-speaking and English-speaking countries

As a German he lived in Germany, Austria and Italy, working in the Logistics-, Pharma-. Electronics-, Software- and Tourism-Industry so far. Always looking for new challenges, always striving to optimize business processes. Optimized processes = less work = more free time = more time on his Mountainbike.

Buy email lists, when and why it’s convenientBuying email lists is a popular solution, but what results can be achieved? Is the purchase really worth it?

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Email marketing is part of every company’s marketing omnichannel strategies. Whether through lists built in house or purchased, it is essential to use emails to build good relationships with old customers and seek for new ones. But is purchasing an email list really worth it? Under the right conditions, the answer is surely yes.

How to choose the right platform for your Cold Email Marketing CampaignA cold email outreach campaign is one of the most effective ways to reach new potential customers while raising awareness of your brand, but what should you bear in mind when choosing a platform?

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Although it may be tempting to do it yourself or just go with the ‘usual tools’, investment in an email outreach software optimised for cold mailing will yield better results. Why? Here are the reasons that will answer this question and will help in choosing the right platform for your purposes (we have a recommendation… Read more »

A lookback to 2021 while the whole B2B Email Database is 50% off

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Dear Customers, as we near the end of this unstable 2021, we cannot help but wonder how we felt last year at this time. We were hopeful, optimistic and, although Covid is still part of our lives, we were right to feel that way. Over the past 12 months we have witnessed great strength from… Read more »

How to write a Cold Email that actually worksThe basic rule? Don't be lazy with your email!

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Let’s face it: Cold email is not always well perceived, yet there is no marketer who has not relied on this technique. It gets done, but fearful of comparisons it is often not said! Think about this: on average, B2B employees spend at least a quarter of their working day on their inbox, which makes… Read more »