Tilo Oschatz

Business Development - German-speaking and English-speaking countries

As a German he lived in Germany, Austria and Italy, working in the Logistics-, Pharma-. Electronics-, Software- and Tourism-Industry so far. Always looking for new challenges, always striving to optimize business processes. Optimized processes = less work = more free time = more time on his Mountainbike.

Address validation – a decisive quality factor in email marketing

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Bancomail Databases for Email Marketing

The Email-address It sounds banal, it seems banal, it is banal … there are countless topics on the subject of email marketing, scientific papers, conjectures, theories, well-intentioned advice and tips – but there is one element in this game that is and should be without doubt the basis of all considerations, as banal as it… Read more »

The perfect database for your Email Marketing

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Bancomail Databases for email marketing

What you should keep an eye on when purchasing email lists Email marketing is undoubtedly an important component of marketing strategies, furthermore a popular and successful sales strategy in the B2B sector for acquiring new customers. In order to inform existing customers about news, email campaigns are also used to strengthen customer loyalty. Newsletter marketing… Read more »

How to write effective subject lines for your Cold Email Marketing

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Perfect subject lines for cold email

The subject line is the ticket to happiness Almost everyone knows it – the overflowing email inbox. In no time, it fills up with hundreds of often irrelevant e-mails. Monday, after the weekend, is particularly bad, spam from the weekend abounds. Standing out from the mass of these emails is the goal of every email… Read more »

These are the hottest Email Marketing Trends for 2023

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Databases for Email Marketing / Bancomail

Become a part of this exciting development! Email Marketing is without a doubt a sensible measure to acquire customers. The relatively low costs for Email Marketing campaigns can hardly be beaten by other marketing measures and methods. In addition, there is the advantage of the high ROI, which is particularly important in economically difficult times…. Read more »

Breaking the cycle of Cold-Email prejudice

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Why professional Cold Email Marketing is NOT Spam “Cold!?” Why cold? … Maybe it makes sense to have a glimpse into the definition of Cold – Email first. Simplified, it is the initial email to a potential customer without prior contact, there is no relationship between sender and recipient (yet). Therefore, this is the first… Read more »