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The art of segmentation in Email Marketing

The competitive level to attract your recipient’s attention is very high, so creating compelling content is only a part of the job. On one hand you should create valuable emailswhich improve the communication level and deliverability, on the other hand you should consider segmentation an apparently simple but extremely powerful mechanism that allows you to… Read more »

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How to create your marketing personas and reach your Target Audience?

There are many ways to name them: buyer personas, marketing personas, target, customer type, public audience, audience, users, buyers and so on. These are abstract models created to represent the ideal customer. Their definition is useful to internalize the subject type to attract and relate. For many departments of a company, like marketing, content, sales… Read more »

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Improve your database segmentationE-mail Marketing Profiling

How important is a clean, complete and accurate data inside its own database? This is one of the most frequent questions made by our clients. When you got effective and profiled contacts, you can concentrate all your marketing effort to get higher and higher response rates from your email marketing campaigns that hopefully will transform into… Read more »