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Email in Europe: Up to 70 % of freelancers prefer free domains to paid ones

Bancomail Databases for Email Marketing

What surprises the evaluation of european email domains brings Bancomail can now look back on more than 20 years of experience in a market that is hardly older. As pioneers in the field of email marketing and address databases, and also with an enormous data stock, elaborately collected, evaluated, cleaned and always supplemented with additional… Read more »

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These are the hottest Email Marketing Trends for 2023

Databases for Email Marketing / Bancomail

Become a part of this exciting development! Email Marketing is without a doubt a sensible measure to acquire customers. The relatively low costs for Email Marketing campaigns can hardly be beaten by other marketing measures and methods. In addition, there is the advantage of the high ROI, which is particularly important in economically difficult times…. Read more »

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Email and B2B-content marketing, post-pandemic trends

It was 1996 when Bill Gates framed the phrase “content is king“, which would soon become one of the favorite quotes of all marketing specialists. Now, more than 25 years after what the founder of Microsoft said, we all can agree: he had foreseen this a long time ago and B2B content marketing is now… Read more »

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Email Marketing – 2020 and beyond

1971. Ray Tomlinson, a programmer who has been working on a project for MIT, that we simply call “the Internet” today, sends the first email. Not many years later, in 1978, Gary Thuerk – an employee of the Digital Equipment Corp – sent out the first Email Marketing campaign. There have been only 400 recipients,… Read more »

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Email Automation + Email Marketing Statistics you need to know this year

Email Marketing is a fundamental part of the multi-channel communication strategies. It has the power to create engagement with new users and retention with already acquired customers or prospects. Campaign Monitor has collected in an infographic called “24 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know” everything that serves to convince you that the Email Marketing… Read more »