Email Marketing is a fundamental part of the multi-channel communication strategies. It has the power to create engagement with new users and retention with already acquired customers or prospects.

Campaign Monitor has collected in an infographic called “24 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know” everything that serves to convince you that the Email Marketing is a great idea for everyone, small businesses that want to create communities in particular. Meanwhile, the ROI for every dollar spent increased to $ 44, one of the highest among of all the Marketing techniques.

Customized Emails bring better results

A very high ROI is fantastic, of course, but it’s not the only reason why Email Marketing is a great tool.

The more a user interacts with your company and with your emails, the more likely gives you information about himself. By using a sending service (ESP) it’s possible to track and store all these data and use them for personalizing each message. By doing so, you will help people to connect with your company. The more interaction will be, more purchases will be. Statistics indicate that emails with customized thematic lines have an average of 26% to be opened. Obviously, the customization doesn’t stops here, because as we know it is the subject that opens the way in our communication possibilities.

The personalization of an email can be so customized, that may contain a specific content and images for each reader, based on his interests. This is how you get the ability to send to your users only the emails they want to read and only with the information they are looking for.

The data you have are the coordinates to personalize your emails; to keep this data up-to-date, in addition to using ad-hoc metrics, may help you sign-ups or surveys.

Automation involves customers, but also saves time

The effectiveness in terms of marketing and communication is not the only advantage of automation. In fact, this method also saves time: creating a series of emails to be sent automatically when certain criteria are met, requires a big initial development effort that facilitates all the ordinary activities to follow.

In terms of efficiency, automated e-mails (eg welcome emails, reminder emails, VIP emails, special occasions like anniversaries or other calendars) can generate 320% more revenue than the non-automated ones.

The 2018 Email Marketing statistics you need to know

From customization and automation to a high ROI, the Email Marketing can keep the relationship with its prospects and customers a breeze.

But there is nothing more than the numbers that make the value of email marketing. Here is a list of facts and statistics that can finally convince you of the importance of email marketing in the current world of Digital Marketing and help you to get to know it better:

  1. 94% of respondents and marketers defined customization as an “extremely important” aspect to meet their goals (Conversant Media).
  2. Marketers have seen a 760% increase in revenue generated by segmented campaigns (Campaign Monitor).
  3. The Custom Email’s Open Rate beats the non-custom Email’s OR: 18.8% against 13.1% (Statistic).
  4. 66% of marketers are active in the study of internal methods for the safe execution of marketing programs (Conversant Media).
  5. Emails with custom subject lines have a 26% more chance of being open (Campaign Monitor).
  6. The 50% of companies believe that they could increase email interactions by increasing the customization’s quality and quantity (Experian).
  7. Automated e-mails generate 320% of non-automated e-mails revenue (Campaign Monitor).
  8. Transactional emails have 8 times the generic value of open rate and ctr. They can generate 6 times more revenue (Experian).
  9. 55% of companies are already using email automation (Email Monday)
  10. Customers who receive abandoned cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to conclude a purchase (Experian).
  11. 78% of marketers state that segmentation is a practice that they really cannot give up (Gleanster).
  12. Nurtured Leads make purchases larger than 47% (The Annuitas Group).
  13. For every dollar spent, Email Marketing brings $ 44 (Campaign Monitor).
  14. 77% of ROI is obtained from segmented, targeted and triggered campaigns (DMA).
  15. 87% of Marketers plans to increase the budget for Email Marketing activities (Email on Acid).
  16. The Email Marketing ROI beats the traditional Direct Marketing with 28.5% against 7% (Chief Marketer).
  17. Automated emails lead to conversions that are 180% higher than the so-called batches (VentureBeat).
  18. Email Marketing produces 174% more conversions than Social Media (Campaign Monitor).
  19. It’s estimated that at the end of 2018, the Mobile Email users will be more than 2.2 billion (The Radicati Group).
  20. At the moment, at least 8 out of 10 internet users use a smartphone with internet access (eMarketer).
  21. The number of subscribers via smarthpone increases by 20% each year (Mary Meeker).
  22. Mobile open rate increases from 21% in 2012 to 68% in 2016 (Campaign Monitor).
  23. 68% of companies has integrated mobile marketing in all their marketing strategies, including email marketing (Salesforce).
  24. iPhones are still the most used devices to open emails (Campaign Monitor).