Email marketing is a world full of rules and advice, but what if we turned them all on their head? It would be a thrilling experience that might make you realize the importance of an effective strategy even more clearly, and it would probably also give you a few laughs!

Would recipients convert en masse, attracted by such an extraordinary experience? Well, maybe not, but something would certainly stick in their minds because of its uniqueness! Follow this paradoxical guide and discover how you can transform your email campaigns into unforgettable experiences, although perhaps not in the way you expect.

But beware: today we’re turning everything on its head and humor is a must when reading these lines! 😉

Email campaign planning – Really necessary?

There are many people who claim that intensive planning of all email campaigns is crucial for smooth implementation and ultimately a successful result. But this is old news!

Here are some important rules about planning and preparation that will keep you at the cutting edge of science:

  • A precise target group analysis and definition of the marketing persona is not necessary
  • Avoid careful segmentation of recipient data, send your campaigns to everyone and anyone, because there is no such thing as a “wrong recipient” and “All advertising is good advertising “.
  • Save time and other resources when organizing and maintaining the address database, this is an unnecessary expense
  • Old and incorrect e-mail addresses are not a problem, these can be neglected and do not jeopardize your ranking as a sender.

Text and graphics of the email

There are also many opinions and misconceptions about the form and presentation of e-mails. Don’t let yourself be confused. Here you will find all the important rules on the form and presentation of emails that you need to know and with which you will undoubtedly set up email campaigns that ultimately convert. Success is guaranteed.

Email text – A lot helps a lot!

Try to write long and detailed texts that provide the reader with comprehensive information – including all background information. Don’t leave out any details, because nowadays all recipients are eager to learn and also have a lot of time and even more stamina.

Texts are best received by the reader if they are presented as a long and uniform block, without interruptions by blank lines or images. In this way, concentration and attention are maintained and the reader is hypnotically drawn into the spell of your e-mail.

Images and graphics that convince!

Images and graphics are a very tricky subject. There are only two recommended options. Either you do without images and graphics completely, or you send emails that consist almost exclusively of images and photos in a random arrangement. Both are strategies for making the best possible impression on the reader.

The color scheme – Creating a mood

The use of very intense, bright colors is ideal. Give free rein to your creativity and don’t be afraid to use a variety of different shapes and elements. Break new ground, break the rules of aesthetics, because rules are there to be broken.

Fonts and font sizes – Create variety!

The same applies to the use of fonts and font sizes. Always use a broad spectrum in an e-mail. As many fonts and as many different font sizes as possible! This creates interest and increases the recognition value immeasurably.

Emojis – The new Alphabet

Are you a fan of emojis? … That’s no problem either. Use emojis according to the motto “A lot helps a lot! Don’t skimp on these little colorful treasures. In the email subject line, in headings and yes, of course in the text itself. There is now a suitable image for almost every occasion, so there are virtually no limits to their extensive use. If you want to be a pro at using them, raise the level and use emojis to replace words altogether. Pictures say more than words, as the ancient Egyptians already knew with their hieroglyphics.

Links and CTAs

The use of links and CTAs is one of the most important points you should consider when creating your email campaigns.


Take the opportunity and always try to include as many links as possible in your emails. Link to your homepage, your web store, your blog, the latest weather report, various news sites for local and international news. Offer this extra service. Do you have hobbies or personal interests? …Why not also link your curling club, it can always make new fans and supporters!


The same applies to CTAs (call to action). Why should you settle for just one clear CTA that specifically asks the reader to take concrete action?

Instead, you can kill many birds with one stone by using several CTAs in one email. The reader will certainly “work through” all the CTAs in a consistent and structured manner one after the other and will not be confused under any circumstances. Start with a minimum of 3 CTAs and then expand to five or more CTAs later. You will achieve excellent results.

Dark Mode – A glimpse into the future

If you have already heard of the so-called “DarkMode”, please do not be alarmed. This is purely a dream of the future, and adapting your email design to this function is by no means sensible or necessary before 2028. An improved user experience could be expected from 2027, so don’t overdo it. This topic is anything but urgent, so we will not go into more detail about how it works here.

The subject line of the email

The subject line of an e-mail is largely irrelevant. However, a few points should be noted.

  • Try to include as much information as possible in the subject line, the length of the text or the number of characters does not matter.
  • To emphasize the message, it is advisable to write individual words, or even the entire text line, in capital letters. This makes the email stand out from the crowd in the inbox and will certainly not be marked as spam.
  • Ideally, you should immediately entice customers with hefty discounts and use numbers such as “100%”.

Email Content

Let’s move on to the actual content of the email, what should not be missing and what is superfluous!

A marketing email lives from marketing slogans, of course! Don’t just let the reader get away with it! Make it clear what you want to sell, directly and bluntly, the reader has the role of the buyer and it must be clearly communicated what is required of them.

Personalization – No, thank you!

The personalization factor can be helpful to a small degree, but the amount of time spent researching and customizing each email is so enormous that the positive effects are more than offset. A fruitless effort that can be saved without hesitation.

Focus on the essentials

Make sure you concentrate on the advertising message, you want to sell something. As described in the text above, you should ideally focus on the text. This means that the email is already well “filled” and there is little room left for unimportant things. Unimportant things? What belongs to the unimportant things? This question can be answered relatively quickly and easily with the following points.

Privacy policy / Data protection information

These fall into the “nice to have” category and are also quite labor-intensive to create. It is “small print information” that nobody reads anyway. So what’s the point of adding them too elaborately?

Unsubscribe and Opt-out

Unsubscribing from a particular service or newsletter (unsubscribe) or even a complete opt-out, where no emails are sent to the email address concerned, are obviously two cases that are absolutely unfavorable for email marketers.

Of course, nobody wants to lose subscribers. So if you go without this option in your email, there are two positive effects. Firstly, you won’t lose any subscribers and secondly, you can simplify the time-consuming maintenance of the address database and thus save valuable resources.

Postal address and email contact of the sender

The goal is to sell. This is what you should focus on. Including your own postal address or even an email address is counterproductive, as it only distracts readers from the actual (sales) message. The CTAs should be clicked and nothing else.

The company behind the message is irrelevant, as is the sender’s email address. In the worst-case scenario, messages with comments and references can be expected, which in turn require feedback. This is a workload that we can gladly do without!

Social proof – A fairytale figure

The use of “social proof” in email content is an unsubstantiated idea that belongs more to the world of fables. Getting a positive effect is probably as realistic as finding a unicorn in the nearest supermarket.

Email Sending and Sending platform

Once the text and graphic elements of the email have been created, as well as the subject line, you can think about the actual dispatch.

The sending platform – A necessary evil

A dispatch platform is quickly selected and set up even more quickly, the range is large and special preparation and selection is not necessary.

Number of recipients – No limit!

Now the email can finally be sent to an extremely large number of recipients. Start right away with your entire database, all addresses, because this way you have everything off the table. You can do without the slow warm-up of a new domain over days and weeks in order to maintain a good sender reputation.

Whitelisting and Blacklisting

If you come across articles and tips on whitelisting and blacklisting in email marketing, you should not waste time studying them in detail. These issues are of secondary importance, not to say “completely insignificant “!

Sending time – Spoiled for choice?

The time at which your emails are sent is practically irrelevant, after all, what is the purpose of the digital inbox, which keeps all emails ready for the recipient in a well-organized manner. This means that emails can be read at the ideal moment, regardless of the time and day of the week.

In addition, the volume of emails reaching recipients these days is shallow, which means that the inbox remains very manageable in the vast majority of cases.

If you do want to choose a time period, send from Friday afternoon, through Saturday and Sunday, to Monday. During this period, you can be sure that the recipient is either relaxing in the office without being distracted by other tasks, or enjoying their free time on the weekend. On their mobile devices, the recipients will then be happy to process your emails in a relaxed manner and reply promptly.

Address database

Building up a database with an effective number of addresses can take months or even years, so please don’t lose patience.

However, if you cannot muster this patience and want or need to achieve success with your email marketing relatively quickly, a purchased address database can be used. Please note:

Important when selecting the supplier:

  • Very low price of the database

Unimportant or less important when selecting the supplier:


Email marketing is not rocket science, become part of this brand-new trend. Anyone can plan, create and send an email campaign easily. Noticeable effects will appear after a short time – provided you use and follow this guide fully and conscientiously 😉

In any case, we wish you maximum marketing success!