Bancomail is one of the largest database for email marketing. With more than 11.000.000 companies worldwide, we provide up to date, quality corporate registries with email addresses included. Our data are collected from authorized sources in compliance with privacy legislations and we contractually guarantee the deliverability of our lists.

821 years, 300.000 restaurants and Internet-Technologies for YOUR Email Marketing!

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Information is the basis for successful marketing communication “Perpetual growth” is a controversial concept, often it cannot be applied because resources are limited. However, this is certainly not valid for know-how and information. Information is the cornerstone for communication and thus also the basis for Email Marketing, especially for successful Email Marketing. Constant growth is… Read more »

Can Marketing make the world a better place?

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What is the Bancomail Non-Profit Program? Most marketing measures are about selling more…more products, more services. Sometimes marketing is used for a good cause, to spread the word about a non-profit project or company. But what would it look like if you could combine both? – Sell more and also make a contribution to a… Read more »

Permission marketing with Cold -Email

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The booster for successful customer acquisition There are countless marketing measures in the B2B sector, for many marketers one method is particularly interesting to acquire new customers due to its advantages – “Permission Marketing through Cold Email”. What is “Permission Marketing”? Permission marketing is the form of marketing in which the addressee gives an explicit… Read more »

You can expect more… MORE data!

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Bancomail Databases

We have added over 1 million entries to our email marketing database „Standing still is a step backwards!“ – This quote applies to the personal development of every individual, but especially to every company. For us at Bancomail, the constant expansion of our offer, as well as the improvement of our service, is one of… Read more »

Email and B2B-content marketing, post-pandemic trends

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It was 1996 when Bill Gates framed the phrase “content is king“, which would soon become one of the favorite quotes of all marketing specialists. Now, more than 25 years after what the founder of Microsoft said, we all can agree: he had foreseen this a long time ago and B2B content marketing is now… Read more »