Cold Email Marketing

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Breaking the cycle of Cold-Email prejudice

Why professional Cold Email Marketing is NOT Spam “Cold!?” Why cold? … Maybe it makes sense to have a glimpse into the definition of Cold – Email first. Simplified, it is the initial email to a potential customer without prior contact, there is no relationship between sender and recipient (yet). Therefore, this is the first… Read more »

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Permission marketing with Cold -Email

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The booster for successful customer acquisition There are countless marketing measures in the B2B sector, for many marketers one method is particularly interesting to acquire new customers due to its advantages – “Permission Marketing through Cold Email”. What is “Permission Marketing”? Permission marketing is the form of marketing in which the addressee gives an explicit… Read more »

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How to write a Cold Email that actually worksThe basic rule? Don't be lazy with your email!

Let’s face it: Cold email is not always well perceived, yet there is no marketer who has not relied on this technique. It gets done, but fearful of comparisons it is often not said! Think about this: on average, B2B employees spend at least a quarter of their working day on their inbox, which makes… Read more »