A fresh perspective for extraordinary results

As summer is officially here, we wish all our partners and clients a relaxing time with pleasant temperatures. While we advocate for taking a break during the summer, we understand that as marketers, passion for the industry never truly rests.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your marketing rest:

  1. Capture Unique Content: embrace the beauty of summer and capture inspiring visuals or experiences that can be repurposed for future campaigns.
  2. Learn and Grow: use this time to expand your marketing knowledge. Dive into marketing-related books, listen to podcasts, or attend virtual webinars to stay updated with the latest industry trends and techniques.
  3. Reflect and Brainstorm: use this time to brainstorm fresh ideas and innovative approaches for upcoming campaigns: analyze what worked well and what could be improved.
  4. Don’t forget now and then to switch off all your devices. Sometimes not thinking about marketing, can help your marketing

Bancomail’s Spotify playlist for email marketers

We have also created a playlist on Spotify dedicated to cold email marketing to accompany your summer: whether you are an industry expert or an aspiring email marketer, you will find in this collection the right mix of motivation, inspiration and irony to achieve extraordinary results!

Bancomail wishes wish you a pleasant summertime.