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You can expect more… MORE data!

Bancomail Databases

We have added over 1 million entries to our email marketing database „Standing still is a step backwards!“ – This quote applies to the personal development of every individual, but especially to every company. For us at Bancomail, the constant expansion of our offer, as well as the improvement of our service, is one of… Read more »

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A lookback to 2021 while the whole B2B Email Database is 50% off

Dear Customers, as we near the end of this unstable 2021, we cannot help but wonder how we felt last year at this time. We were hopeful, optimistic and, although Covid is still part of our lives, we were right to feel that way. Over the past 12 months we have witnessed great strength from… Read more »

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Bancomail turns into a joint-stock company: a 169% growth trend over the last two years

From being a brand unit of Neosoft company and with a deed signed on 10/02/2021 – Bancomail turns into a joint-stock company. With a 169% growth trend over the last two years, we have finalised a capital increase, thus cementing our development objectives aimed at consolidating our position in the global markets. This new milestone… Read more »

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3 things we love about Bancomail (plus Extra -20% on discounted Email Lists)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about the things we love. We’ve counted at least three: 1. We are data pioneers. We dig for insights that shape the structure of each organisation, hunting down and exploiting all the coordinates. We are dedicated to this because segmented and targeted email campaigns account… Read more »

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Email Marketing impact on Coronavirus – Preferential price on all lists for all Companies

In times of difficulty and emergency, when we all must pull off our own sense of civic duty, we at Bancomail believe that marketing digitalization can contribute to reduce contagion risks while not turning off the local economy. Compared to the past, when the world had to face scenarios of this complexity, today we have… Read more »