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Email Marketing is without a doubt a sensible measure to acquire customers. The relatively low costs for Email Marketing campaigns can hardly be beaten by other marketing measures and methods. In addition, there is the advantage of the high ROI, which is particularly important in economically difficult times. But the competition is by no means sleeping here either, and if you want recipients to pay attention to your e-mails in the future, you should by no means miss the following trends!

BIMI – This abbreviation stands for the representation of the sender company logo in email clients. The introduction of BIMI, or “Brand Indicators for Message Identification“, requires little effort, but helps to draw more attention to your own email in the recipient’s inbox and to stand out from the flood of emails. This arouses interest in the reader and helps building trust. Trust, which has a positive influence on the “open rate” and ultimately on the “conversation rate”.

On the technical side a DMARC authentication is required for the implementation of BIMI, what helps to improve deliverability, since emails sent in this way are classified as more trustworthy for email clients.

AMP – The mini-app for your email!

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a framework for the easy creation of reliable components for websites. However, numerous AMP elements can also be implemented into emails, making app functions available directly in the email itself. The user experience is thus dramatically improved.

Examples are ‘Forms’, which can be embedded directly in emails, dynamic components for the layout, for photos and graphics or also elements for navigation.

In this way, very informative emails can be created which, for example, gives the reader the opportunity to book appointments or subscribe to a specific service directly in the email. All this without having to switch to a website.

The use of AI-tools in Email Marketing – Use the computing power!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can analyse very large amounts of data in a short time, in the case of email marketing this means that collected data can be quickly and thoroughly sorted and categorized. This then serves as the basis for the segmentation and personalization of all further messages to the relevant recipients.

Another example where AI is already being used is determining the optimal time to send emails. Not just for a specific segment of an address list, but individually for each individual subscriber to an email list.

Another example would be the automated creation of subject lines for emails, as well as the personalization of the emails themselves.

Tracking of recipient activities – Create more transparency!

The “Open-Rate” is not a useful indicator, which we will discuss in more detail later. Fortunately, current technology offers much more detailed options for evaluating recipient activities.

It is definitely worth taking a look at the possibilities of “UTM tags” (Urchin tracking module). With these, the activities of the recipients can be analysed more precisely with the help of Google Analytics.

The status of whether an email was sent or opened correctly is well known, but the possibilities with the UTM tags go far beyond that.

Especially when different marketing channels are used, the tags can be used to precisely determine the origin of the relevant visitor. Did he react to a Facebook-ad, or was it the result of an email campaign? In addition, it is also possible to distinguish between individual campaigns, which allows for an even more detailed evaluation. As a result, all marketing measures can then be scaled accordingly.

Graphic finesse – Ugly duckling or beautiful swan!

Add a “Dark mode” to your Email Marketing

There is no doubt that emails are being read more and more on mobile devices. On the one hand, this requires a “responsive design” in order to display everything meaningfully and legibly even on the smaller screens. However, this is not a new trend, this requirement has been around for quite some time.

What is new, however, is the “Dark mode” or “Night mode”. The colours used for graphics and fonts are adjusted accordingly so that the email remains legible even in a dark environment.

This is certainly not a mandatory requirement, but it also helps to improve the reader’s impression and thus also the acceptance of the emails sent.

Attractive graphic design and elements

Marketing emails should be attractive. Attractive emails are fun and ultimately tempt the reader to interact. An enormously important factor is the visual appearance. This doesn’t just apply to simple photos and graphics. People love things that move, people love motion pictures. This brings us to the trend of using these “moving images” in emails as well, to pique readers’ curiosity and to win their attention.

GIFs and videos are well-known representatives, but we will certainly use more of them in the future. A relatively new and unusual species, on the other hand, is the “Cinemagraph”. Here, GIF or video files are created, which contain animated, but also fixed, image parts. This creates a surreal scene to the human eye, which deftly captivates viewers.

Detailed personalization of emails – Your reader is an individual!

Email personalization is becoming increasingly important as recipient expectations continue to grow. In order to meet this requirement, a stronger segmentation of the email lists or the address database is necessary. Any additional information about the recipient can help here.

Personal data is the basis, further information, such as purchasing behaviour in the past, offers further opportunities to win over the recipient of the emails. Use this opportunity to get more positive feedback from your recipients.

Omnichannel communication – Be flexible!

This may sound a little paradoxical, but the trend in email marketing is not just to focus on Email Marketing itself. Other communication channels should also be taken into account in order to be able to provide customers or potential customers with a comprehensive service. For example, other components of the communication could be text messages, an online chat or even voice messages.

Personal communication – Nobody likes robots!?

Expectations changed with experience. In marketing, too, the demands are becoming ever greater. This not only applies to the variety of communication channels, as already mentioned in the “Omnichannel communication” section of this article, but also to the tone of the communication. Automated emails without a personal touch are not very promising these days.

Instead, the tone should be emphatic and the email should always contain a personal component. Using first names for senders is a good place to start. Furthermore, one should always put oneself in the position of the customer and thus respond to their needs and wishes accordingly.

Increased production quality – Show yourself from the best side!

Another important element on the subject of increased expectations relates to the apparent production effort of emails. Layout, graphics, photos and all other elements should increasingly convey a professional impression. The competition doesn’t sleep either, and you shouldn’t miss out on catching up with the competition. “Attention to detail” should be the principle here.

Focus on Brand Awareness – Show your true values!

Not only the formal appearance of the emails should stand out positively from the crowd, the content is of course also decisive. In addition to the subject-specific content, another factor should increasingly be considered here – brand awareness. How is the company placed on the market, how is it positioned, what are its distinctive features. Is there a unique selling point? If so, is this communicated sufficiently? If not, an appropriate strategy should be worked on. An example of this could be the social commitment of a company, or measures in the area of environmental protection, which are becoming more and more popular and are often used for marketing purposes. Just don’t hide company achievements!

Goodbye, “Open-Rates” – We had a good time together!

Not a hot trend, but rather a reminder: With the introduction of Apple’s new Mail Privacy Policy in Q3/2021, it’s time to say goodbye to our dear friend the “Open-Rate”.

With the new measures, emails are already preloaded by Apple’s proxy servers, which gives them already the status “opened”. As a result, the “Open-Rate” is no longer a reliable data source, the informative value is rather low, which means that it is practically irrelevant as a KPI (key performance indicator).

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