Email marketing is part of every company’s marketing omnichannel strategies. Whether through lists built in house or purchased, it is essential to use emails to build good relationships with old customers and seek for new ones. But is purchasing an email list really worth it? Under the right conditions, the answer is surely yes.

Email address database: breaking a taboo

Please, raise your hand if you have ever heard phrases like “Purchased email lists don’t work”, “email marketing is dead”, or “I prefer to spend for social media advertising rather than investing in email marketing campaigns”.

If you’ve heard certain claims and ended up on this page, please keep reading, as this may surprise you. Did you know, for example, that with the right database of email addresses, even a direct email marketing campaign on a categorical list of “companies by industry sector” or geolocated as “companies by Zip Code” can obtain excellent economic and returns for your company?

Purchased email lists as a business accelerator

First of all, it is logical that a list built in house over the years will probably achieve better results in terms of opens and clicks (but not necessarily a positive ROI). But it is equally true that even an individual valid email address can make the difference. If a purchased email list is treated in accordance with the privacy regulations and guaranteed by a reputable provider, it can be the right way to boost and accelerate your business.

Many marketers may choose to spend their budget on social media or Google Ads campaigns, but these tools could not lead to the desired results. Especially today, auctions for the right keywords are increasingly daily, while emails are an evergreen. Everyone reads them, everyone spends many hours on platforms like Outlook or Gmail. That’s why email lists cannot be left behind in these strategies.

Email marketing must be part of the multi-channel strategy and every company should implement it to make products and services reach target audiences. For this reason, it is important to build your own network of contacts. If you start from scratch, it can take a long time and, whether you are a startup or an established company, there are difficulties to be faced. To get results, it is necessary to reach large numbers. And buying an email database of companies, with verified and guaranteed email addresses, can be a business accelerator tailored for you. This is whether you want to get started, or you are interested in populating a contact list you already own.

When to buy an email list

In the experience of Bancomail, supplier of corporate databases for more than twenty years, there is no single category of companies specifically suited for email marketing, because there are right solutions for every situations.

However, when trying to identify categories of companies we recommend the purchase of a database, at least four can be found.

  • Communication and Web Marketing Agencies. Thanks to the purchase of database of email addresses, they can easily provide an additional service to their customers, always looking for new innovative solutions.
  • Startups. Starting a business is always challenging. To launch faster your email marketing campaigns, purchasing a list can greatly speed up the data collection process. And for a startup is essential to move fast.
  • Established Companies. Not just startups. Buying a list can also create advantages for established companies aiming to strengthen their presence on the market and increase their databases. Suppliers such as Bancomail provide deduplication and matching services that avoid the “double” purchase of emails already owned.
  • Non-profit organizations. Contacting large numbers of people, even with cold lists, is a very important tool for fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns supporting charities and, in general, good causes.

In conclusion, when you evaluate the purchase of a list, before saying “it’s not for me”, try asking yourself: have I ever tried one with the right features for my business?