Although it may be tempting to do it yourself or just go with the ‘usual tools’, investment in an email outreach software optimised for cold mailing will yield better results. Why? Here are the reasons that will answer this question and will help in choosing the right platform for your purposes (we have a recommendation though).

Deliverability monitoring

Cold emails have the potential to be one of the most important lead generation tools. However, this is only possible if you are able to reliably deliver your emails to the recipient. Although this is true for any email marketing campaign, when it comes to cold email it is very important to consider several elements that can have a major impact on deliverability. Here they are.

Email Authentication

Your domain reputation along with your mail server IP both have a significant impact on your deliverability. Several factors are involved in your ability to reach the recipient’s inbox, among them authentication (we spoke about SPF and DKIM here) plays a key role in helping email providers identify legitimate emails and prioritise their delivery.

Domain Warming

Just as our human capabilities increase with knowledge, so does your reputation over time. The whole idea behind Warming Up is building a sender reputation based on good behaviours. This metric will be important for ISPs when determining your ranking and will make the difference between inbox and spam folder. If you have just started cold mailing campaigns on your domain, consider starting with a small quota of mailings per time while increasing the rate as conversations on your domain grow. Even using non-regular sending rhythms helps you show that you are a human (despite being behind a machine) and not a bot!

Bounce management

A minimum bounce rate should be considered structural, but the use of unqualified and unverified contacts can affect your reputation (in Bancomail, deliverability is guaranteed: regular review, A/MX Record check, formal validity and complaint inclination check). Receiving detailed reports on non-sending reasons is a key element of a plan designed to maintain a good reputation of the sender.

Email Load and Server Balancing

Running a mix of SMTPs, rather than relying on a single service, improves delivery performance. When you need to manage thousands of emails a day, it is best not to put all the load on a single server, but to adopt a balancer solution that will spread the processing across several servers. Professional sending platforms base their technology on multiple assets specifically to minimise problems, reduce execution times and distribute positive performance across a shared output. This approach enables increasingly productive performance.

Knowledge of White and Blacklist Owners

It is valuable to use Platforms and SMTPs that maintain good relationships with key industry stakeholders. ESPs typically enjoy a good reputation and, due to business affinity, are generally on good business terms with ISPs and major Blacklists Owners. Relying on an ESP who endorses your Prospecting Marketing goals means adding a member to your team: deliverability and whitelisting issues are tackled with confidence and know-how.

Can you automate processes?

Apart from the purely technical aspects, one of the advantages of using a professional email marketing platform is not having to do everything personally. The leading ESPs take this a step further and are able to integrate with your company’s CRM. This enables you to run sophisticated outreach campaigns on the basis of a predefined flow that can be executed in batches (we talked about automation here).

After the first screening, through which you will determine the interest shown by your prospects, you will be able to automatically send relevant follow-up emails based on user behaviour (e.g. opening or clicks). Once set up, the platform will do the boring job for you, working on your behalf 24 hours a day!

Do tests and analysis come into play?

Scoring the results of campaigns to understand what did and didn’t work can give you a lot of headaches, but if your platform offers A/B testing this is much easier.

Or maybe you are unsure of the most effective levers to attract your prospects’ eyes? Create two campaigns, slightly different, each with its own approach. A good platform will send the two templates to two samples of the recipients and will determine the best one to be sent to the rest of the list.

Anche se non hai mai considerato approcci di A/B testing (eppure dovresti), è importante essere in grado di Even if you have never considered A/B testing approaches (and yet you should), it is important to be able to access accurate statistics on the performance of your campaigns. Checking key metrics such as open and click-through rates can help you discover where your campaigns could improve.

What kind of support do you expect?

There are many free solutions around, but when it comes to Cold Email you often get what you pay for. Products that don’t directly respond to questions and issues can leave you confused and frustrated.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend out-of-pocket money to get the right tool or that you should be driven by fear, but dedicated support should not be considered an add-on. On the contrary: the fact that a support service exists, represents the promise of sharing all the path to success.

Our Email Marketing Recommendation: Mailsenpai

Given all the elements involved, there is a lot to consider when choosing a platform that will help you convert your prospects into leads through Cold Marketing.

We have found the right tool that meets all the requirements: Mailsenpai, a platform that is easy to use, powerful, cross-functional and, most importantly, designed for Cold Email Marketing with Bancomail.


Plus it features a skilled support service which is always available: from onboarding onwards, Mailsenpai’s team is available both through 1-to-1 calls and an extensive knowledge base which helps you manage the tool and continuously improve your deliverability.

Last but not least: always use qualified lists

Ultimately, successful cold emailing is largely a matter of targeting the right audience for expected value: an effective qualification of your leads is therefore the backbone of your marketing campaign. Not only will it help you identify viable business prospects, but – thanks to good performance – it will constantly improve your deliverability.

Bancomail can help you to select your prospects in several directions: thanks to a deep and complete business classification (over 1,800 classifications) you can acquire leads for entire market sectors, as well as for particular niches.

Complying with regulations is a fundamental requirement and makes it easier for you to introduce yourself to the recipient: all Bancomail data is collected, processed and managed in full compliance with national and EU privacy laws, which is why it can be used for B2B direct marketing. Moreover, the database is constantly updated: in addition to periodic checks, we check the email data before each delivery to ensure its existence and functionality. In other words: if you find non-functional email addresses, we refund you with a cancellation or, if you prefer, a coupon.