Almost all the emails are read on mobile devices, it ‘s quite common to hear this but let’s go beyond.

Experian Marketing Services recent’s research for the second quarter of 2015 shows a desktop openings rate of 48% versus 40% on smartphone and 12% on tablet.

What interests is that the percentage changes depends on the sector:

Device and industry read rates

Q2 2015, USA

Media & Enterteinment50%43%7%
Multichannel Retail41%46%13%

The most significant rate is 73% of desktop openings for the business sector. This, even if not spare marketers from creating responsive and optimized emails for mobile devices, gives important information on this industry’s digital “consuming” habits.

The Advertising, Entertainment and Tourism sectors are on the second place for desktop readings, with relatively low rates in mobile openings (except for Advertising).

There are other features if we analyze the click data, which is the email marketing provider’s key factor.

Device and industry rates of clicks

Q2 2015, USA

Media & Entertainment54%42%4%
Multichannel Retail50%4010%

The total average on desktop readings is 48%, followed by a 62% on CTR. A difference of 12% that is not compensated by the corresponding values for mobile and tablet. By an opening rate of 40%, mobile devices switch to 30% of clicks and, equally, by a 12% of openings from tablet, switching to 8% of clicks.

Also in this case, for each type of industry, the desktop has been the main source of clicks. Especially for B2B, 81% of clicks are coming from desktop. On mobile devices the value of clicks is less than half of the overall average, which is 13%.