What you should keep an eye on when purchasing email lists

Email marketing is undoubtedly an important component of marketing strategies, furthermore a popular and successful sales strategy in the B2B sector for acquiring new customers. In order to inform existing customers about news, email campaigns are also used to strengthen customer loyalty. Newsletter marketing generates more business and sales with comparably low costs.

In addition to the software tool for sending emails, the quality of address databases is also of enormous importance and decisively determines the success of your email campaign and thus also the successful acquisition of customers.

The address database is the foundation, the basis for your campaign. If you don’t have the means to build one in your own company, there is the possibility to purchase a contact list, but what should you definitely pay attention to when doing so? Let’s consider this in detail.

1. Filter options for E-mail databases

Choose a provider with very detailed filter options for the list of mailing addresses, ideally with the option of an individual address database tailored to your company and needs.

In some cases, ready-made data packages, grouped by region and industry, can do the trick, but often there are specific requirements to reach your potential customers, and then only a supplier with individual and personal customer service will be able to help you.

A positive side effect is that you only pay for the B2B email marketing what you actually need. This ultimately also increases the ROI (Return on Investment), since you can reach your ideal leads with a lower investment.

At Bancomail S.p.A., for example, the database-records are divided into 26 business areas, 292 macro categories and 1,879 micro categories, which already offers enormous possibilities. In addition, there are a further 350 special specifications which allow an even more detailed selection from more than 11 million data sets in order to generate your targeted email list. No matter if manufacturers of food products in France or dentists in Italy.

2. Verified database for marketing

Choose a provider with an up-to-date and verified database, because only in this case it is worth to buy email addresses if you want to stay out of trouble.

An email address is only of value to you if it is actually validated and up-to-date. Only in this way it is actually useful for your email campaign without generating unnecessary problems.

The example of Bancomail S.p.A. shows in detail how complex it is to check and provide high quality email lists for direct marketing.

3. Large volume of address data

Choose a provider with a decent amount of B2B data sets to begin with.

The quality of the data is an important factor, but what would quality be without quantity in this case!? More volume inevitably means in the end more contact with potential customers and thus more success for this sales strategy.

Always ensure that the B2B address databases are GDPR-compliant.

You should not take any risks and only use databases that are guaranteed to comply with the law for your marketing campaign.

Choose a provider who reliably guarantees the quality of their databases.

5. Guaranteed address quality and refund

In the event that bounces (undeliverable emails) occur, your provider should offer complaint processing with a corresponding refund. This puts you on the safe side and further proves the provider’s commitment to deliver an ideal service.

6. Personal support

For all questions that arise regarding data selection and use, you should ensure the existence of customer service with personal support. This guarantees fast and reliable processing of your concerns. Your aim is an effective email advertising campaign, not dealing with technical problems and constant trouble shooting.

In any case, Bancomail AG wishes you every success with your email marketing.