Why professional Cold Email Marketing is NOT Spam

“Cold!?” Why cold? … Maybe it makes sense to have a glimpse into the definition of Cold – Email first.

Simplified, it is the initial email to a potential customer without prior contact, there is no relationship between sender and recipient (yet). Therefore, this is the first contact and hopefully the start of a thriving business relationship.

Unfortunately Cold-Email is sometimes confused with Spam, but are these two the same thing?

Is Cold-Email „Spam“?

“Spam” … Spam hardly needs to be explained, everyone knows it, nobody likes it. “Mail bombing” with absolutely useless messages that fill the digital inbox every day.

However, professional B2B cold email marketing is by no means spam, as there are numerous and serious differences, which we will briefly review below.

Transparency in Email marketing

Transparency is crucial to build trust and acceptance with the recipient.

This starts with the sender address and the subject of the email. These should definitely not be cryptic, but clearly understandable, and also clearly indicating the sending company. In this way we give the reader a clear orientation.

More transparency creates more trust and as a positive side effect is that the “opening rate” of the campaign will be significantly improved as well.

Once the email has been opened, the open and transparent communication should also be reflected in the actual email text and in the company details, which should be as complete s possible.

An important and necessary part of the company details is the physical address of the sender. Do not skimp on information here, this also helps to build a relationship of trust with your potential customers.

Precisely defined target group for marketing measures

One of the biggest differences is definitely the precise selection of the recipients, because positive feedback can only be expected if the email has a certain relevance for the recipient.

A comfortable mattress will certainly have little appeal in an auto repair shop, but all the more in a luxurious hotel.

Database providers, like Bancomail S.p.A. will help you to define and find the perfect target fitting your needs.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, we know spam all too well. Virtually everything is sent to everyone, completely lacking rhyme or reason.

Ask for “Opt-in” / “Double opt-in”

The first email should be a careful and shy contact, a first company presentation. No more, no less, because more is in this moment legally not possible.

This first email must offer the possibility for an “opt-in”, or better “double-opt-in”, of the recipient. The latter is the recipient’s consent in two stages. The disclosure of his or her email address and then the confirmation of this in an additional email sent to them.

This is the legally compliant cornerstone for further marketing emails, newsletters, special offers, etc.. With “Double-Opt-In” we can also be sure that we received a completely valid address.

“Spam” in contrast, usually gets to the point in a very intrusive manner, without asking for consent beforehand.

Easily accessible „Opt-out“- option

The question about the “opt-out” is similar to the topic “opt-in”.

A professional cold email always offers an easily visible and easy-to-use “opt-out” function. If the recipient no longer wants to receive messages in the future, this must be ensured reliably and promptly and has also to be documented. Furthermore, a confirmation of being unsubscribed should be sent to clear up any doubts and prevent resentment.

Quantity and quality – where are the differences?

Cold email uses friendly language and tries to address the real needs and desires of the recipient and the relevant industry.

Furthermore, with cold email, only one email is sent in a targeted manner, spam, on the other hand, floods the recipient with countless emails without addressing the actual needs of the addressee.


The points listed above clearly show the enormous differences and make it abundantly clear that cold email should not be confused with spam.

Professional cold email is and remains an important and legitimate marketing measure to attract new business partners and customers.

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