The booster for successful customer acquisition

There are countless marketing measures in the B2B sector, for many marketers one method is particularly interesting to acquire new customers due to its advantages – “Permission Marketing through Cold Email”.

What is “Permission Marketing”?

Permission marketing is the form of marketing in which the addressee gives an explicit permission or consent to receive marketing information.

This permission from the potential client is a blessing to all advertisers…a pass to unleash their creativity for advertising emails. Starting with a regular newsletter, through to emails with coupons or special sales campaigns.

Possible ways and methods to obtain permission

There are numerous methods of obtaining consent for marketing actions. However, Cold-Email is the method that can create a large number of new, promising contacts in a very short time.

Next to Cold-Email there are other methods that could be used to obtain permission, such as Pop-Ups on websites and Pop-Ups or CTAs (call-to-action) in blogs, among others.

Cold Email – the booster for permission marketing

Cold e-mail is the proactive solution, since potential customers can be actively approached with the help of verified email lists.

Unbeatable advantages are the very large, respectively scalable, reach and also the possibility of being able to easily determine the target group according to interests and region.

In addition to the short throughput time, there are other advantages. For example, in the case of an “Opt-in” request, other valuable information can be asked for and collected in addition to just the email address. These include, for example, telephone numbers, names, physical addresses or even special interests or preferences.

How to send Cold-Emails

When actually sending cold emails, some important ground rules should be considered. Two key aspects are certainly worth emphasizing, the “Double-Opt-in” and the “Opt-Out” function.

“Double-Opt-in” in Email Marketing

The cold email must definitely offer the functionality of DOI (Double-Opt-in). This is ultimately the motive of all endeavors.

The cold email sent out asks for consent or approval to be allowed to send advertising emails in the future. This is done with a request to receive the email address. After the recipient has provided their email address, a mail will be sent to them again. However, this only happens in order to receive a new, second confirmation from the recipient in order to be absolutely sure that they actually give their consent to future marketing measures. The “Opt-In-function” should always be visually appealing, clearly visible and also easily accessible. This guarantees higher acceptance. At best, this can already be combined with added value, such as a discount code, for the recipient. This has an additional motivating effect and increases the willingness to participate.

“Opt-out” in Email Marketing

What if the recipient is not interested in further contact with us? According to the GDPR (Recital 70), there must be a right and possibility of withdrawal against direct advertising at any time. This is already given with a simple “Opt-out” option. If the recipient chooses this option, it must be reliably ensured that he will no longer receive any messages in the future.

Make it as easy as possible for the recipient to unsubscribe. For example, a clearly visible link or a sufficiently large button to trigger the “Opt-out” are helpful.


If permission marketing is combined with a Cold-Email outreach, the result is that an extremely large number of new business contacts can be established in a very short time – the booster for your marketing.

Company contacts gained through “Opt-in” are valuable because they have already shown real interest in your brand or company. As a result, open and click-through rates will inevitably increase, as will the conversation rate.

If you decide to adopt this marketing strategy, you will find in Bancomail S.p.A. a partner who can support you with verified email lists to reach your specific target. With these leads lists you will be able to start immediately with your campaign. Definitely a win for your marketing and your company.