Whether are virtual or not, events are among those marketing actions that can contribute to the acquisition of new prospects and the strengthening of its own brand.

Each event deserves importance!

If you’re planning a series of events, create a communication cycle that doesn’t end with the introduction message. The statistics reveal that in Email Marketing the most successful messages are those with a clear and precise content.

Send at least an email dedicated to each event, rather than filling in the list with further information or registration links.

If you’re promoting a webinar or a digital event, invite readers to register even if they not participate, because concluded the event you’ll send them interesting materials as the registration link or the speakers slides. Almost certainly you’ll get a lower number of participants than the one of the members, but a higher number of prospects to contact for further information. Now that’s a success!

If you’re promoting a current event, use the geographical information regarding your target. A good email database must have a lot of information for each record, one of these being the province. The emails sent in the reader’s region will have a very high open rate and conversion.

The title of your event is the subject of your email.

Search the right title for your event! Think of this as the subject of your email. Both should be clear and attractive, to make the user open it.

Multiple email – Create a communication plan

Download for free a layout kit for email marketing, optimized for different communication types, events included!

event-email-marketingCreate an automated communication plan to cover the whole event, not only the participation day / days. It should start with your first communication and ends with the feedback and reporting days.

The pre event includes the presentation of the program, the registration invitation and further reminders for those who haven’t complete it. To the confirmed registrations you’ll have to send the event’s access details (map, ticket, etc).

The post event phase normally includes thanks to the participants and feedback requests. Is a good idea to send, both to participants and to those who did not participated, further information or materials used during the event as slides or speech recordings.

Thanks to the latest technologies, it’s very easy to program a Triggered communication cycle: you’ll need to prepare in time all the emails and to activate each one of them according to the previous year’s results.

The communication flow in the image is simplified and further information in the pre event may include a preview to the event’s topics, like the presentation of each speaker or session.

Who shall receive the invitation? A right segmentation is essential.

Choosing carefully the promotional email recipients, not only increases the chances of registration, but prevent unsubscriptions caused by the lack of interest in the brand’s proposals.

The records allow to foresee which type of event is more interesting. The first step is to create a preview and, depending on the raised interest, to manage further communications.

When you acquire new contacts, give time to the analysis of profiling. Databases such as Bancomail provide master data with a detailed and complete company profiling that enable targeted and efficient actions.