Christmas shouldn’t be the prerogative of B2C brands only, which has always been highly active on the topic. Even the B2B marketers should rediscover the opportunities they have in this period.

It’s not Christmas yet, but better get ready for those customers who will need your products or services to organize sales, events, special inflows and new production cycles. The timing, in these cases, is crucial. The resources to dedicate to events, corporate gifts, services and promotional campaigns are usually allocated in this period, which is important even for the upcoming year’s business forecast.

Email Marketing allows strongly profiled segmentation for targeted proposals. No one knows your target audience better than you (if you don’t, we can help you), but if you want instead to dedicate yourself to a wider and generalist target, tip on Big companies that can invest a significant capital or on freelancers, users with higher spending power.

Note that the volume of received emails tend to increase during the pre-holiday periods. All the companies, not just yours, take advantage of this period’s sensitivity to optimize and close sales. That’s why planning is essential for the Christmas marketing.

Yeah, but how?
Establish a time for your relationship. During the Christmas period we are all overwhelmed by emails and promotions, better bite out of the noise. Don’t wait for December to involve your product’s recipients.

Play it safe. Based on your previous Email campaigns decide the characteristics that have generated safer revenue and follow these guidelines. If this is your first campaign, follow the general rules: a clear call to action, a clear message with a tempting subject and a responsive template.

Don’t be trivial. Experience teaches, but the months of November and December open a fierce challenge on the visibility topic. Use a surprise element to distinguish your marketing campaign.

Anticipate. Take the opportunity to gather information through surveys and polls that could reveal consumption habits and the budget that can be applied for the next season.

From knowing your product to have it immediately. Adopting a storytelling approach for marketing in phases is a functional mode to keep the content fresh by changing the way in which is forwarded. A sort of marathon with a final goal and milestones.