Information is the basis for successful marketing communication

“Perpetual growth” is a controversial concept, often it cannot be applied because resources are limited. However, this is certainly not valid for know-how and information. Information is the cornerstone for communication and thus also the basis for Email Marketing, especially for successful Email Marketing.

Constant growth is also an important factor for the Bancomail database, because we are continuously expanding and optimizing it. In this regard, we can look back on two very successful months, in which we were able to upgrade this central component of our services with a large number of data sets and information.

Opportunities to win new customers

It would take over 821 years to visit all 300.000 new restaurants in our database, assuming you visit one restaurant every day! We have added this considerable number of entries in the last few weeks alone!

Professional Cold Emails are not spam, since Cold Emails are aimed at a very specific target group in a level-headed manner. In the past we have already discussed the significant differences between Cold Email and Spam in great detail. The selection of this target group is based on various information.

Social media accounts, for example, are an enormous simplification when acquiring important information about recipients and therefore they are almost essential for the preparation and preparatory work for a Cold Email. This why Bancomail has also included this information in its offer for quite a while now. For a significant proportion of our data sets, this information is already included in the scope of delivery and in the last 2 months alone, we have been able to add 200.000 of these social media links to our data sets. This saves our customers valuable resources because they can avoid doing this kind of research.

What applies to social media links also applies in a similar way to postal addresses, telephone numbers and geo-coordinates. These also help to define a marketing target more precisely and ultimately to reach it.

Geo-coordinates play a special role in this regard, since marketing activities are usually clearly delimited geographically in order to increase their effectiveness. Resources can thus be focused on a specific region. For overwhelming 5.000.000 of our data records, we have checked or newly added this data in the last two months.

A little bit less spectacular seem the “only” 215.000 postal addresses and 125.000 telephone numbers that have been updated by our team. We should take in consideration that these data types have been already complete, so there is not much space to improve.

However, our core competence is and will remain email addresses, and this is a matter of fact for over 20 years now. Our team has used the last few weeks reasonably for this as well, and more than 250.000 email addresses have been validated in our routine checks to ensure successful marketing campaigns for our customers.

Internet Technologies – Step up your marketing game!

Finally, a topic that we should go into a little more closely. These are the technologies used on the websites of potential clients. Because this information has been added to over 1.000.000 of our data records in the last few weeks, our clients will benefit from it in the future.

“Internet Technologies” – This seems a bit abstract at first glance and how does this relate to databases for marketing purposes? What does this mean in detail and what are the advantages?

Basically, it is considered on which technology a website is based on and to what extent this technology is up to date. It also shows whether “scripts” are used on the website, which, for example, are an indicator for the use of special marketing tools. Chat programs or the tracking of visitors to the website are examples of this. It is also checked to what extent Google services such as “Ads” or “Analytics” are used. This is registered in our database and, like the other factors mentioned, helps to assess the company more detailed, to categorize it accordingly and to segment email lists more precisely. Correctly segmented lists then offer the possibility of tailoring the content to the appropriate group, which improves the chances of positive feedback.

A company with state-of-the-art Internet-technologies might be an amazing target, if one looks for a company that is willing to keep up with the technological development. Offering new, promising technical solutions may fall on fertile ground. On the other hand, a company that missed the development in the last years might be desperately in need of improvements to stay competitive. These are just two simple examples to give an impression of the potential and why this information is very valuable.

So, whenever you purchase datasets for your marketing, keep an eye on what you will finally get. More data, as demonstrated above, will make your life as a marketer a walk in the park.