These three warranties will simplify your marketing life!

Maybe you experienced the following situation!?

The sales figures for your company could be better, you are disappointed and have to generate more business. You would like to sell more of your service or product – but how? Cold-Email is one possible option. The benefits sound tempting, but to be able to get started quickly, you need relevant email addresses for your target group. Doing research or lead generation in-house is too time-consuming and the results are incomplete due to a lack of experience and knowledge. What remains is the purchase of verified email addresses … but what warranties do you then have regarding the origin and quality of the data!?

Lean back, because with suppliers of databases, such as Bancomail S.p.A., you have a reliable partner who does all the research for you and also provides the important warranties about the origin and quality of the data. You can use this verified and targeted data to start your B2B email campaign immediately, without any loss of time.

What warranties should you expect for an Email database?

Privacy of address data

When purchasing an address database, it should be contractually guaranteed, that the data collection fully complies with the legal requirements for data collection and data processing. This means in detail that all data should be collected, processed and managed in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU Regulation 2016/679) and national laws.

All the companies covered should also be informed in advance and subsequently regularly about the methods, times and purposes of the processing.

Furthermore, the right and possibility to withdraw the consent must be given at any time without exception and implemented promptly if necessary.

Accuracy of the address data

It should be guaranteed that the data is continuously checked and updated. Reliable test mechanisms should be used to achieve and maintain consistently high data quality of the marketing lists which is beneficial for your customer acquisition.

In case “bounces” (undeliverable e-mails) occur when using the data records, the cause should be checked immediately and the costs for the affected data records should be be even reimbursed, like this is done by Bancomail S.p.A..

Professional order processing

If you have questions about your database or even problems, a support team should be always personally available to you. This applies to the period before and after the purchase. Furthermore you shouldn’t settle for less than a qualified personal support and problem solving within 48 hours.

In any case, Bancomail S.p.A. wishes you every success with your email marketing, more business and many new customers. Please keep in mind that in the end it is then also your task to implement the legal regulations within your email campaign as well.