We are looking for a Back End Developer with linux system administration knowledge, for advanced web projects. Availability is required as soon as possible, the workplace is in Genoa, ITALY. The salary will be indicated during the interview and will be proportionate to the candidate’s abilities.

Required skills:

  • high proficiency of php 5 and 7 (min 4 years)
  • good knowledge of oop and mvc paradigm
  • good knowledge of rest and soap architectures and the http protocol
  • good knowledge of javascript and in particular of jquery
  • good knowledge of the mysql or mariadb relational database and sql
  • experience with xml and html
  • experience with git

Optional but welcomed skills:

  • zend framework I and / or II and III
  • java language (1.8)
  • no-sql databases such as redis and elasticsearch
  • nodejs and / or reactjs
  • docker and logstash

System Engineering skills (valued):

  • good knowledge of the Linux CentOS and Debian distributions and the main services:
  • apache, dhcp, dnsmasq or bind, iptables, openvpn, ssh, samba
  • virtualization through kvm or other hypervisor
  • vsftp or other ftp services
  • good knowledge of the yum and apt package managers
  • networks knowledge: a LAN’s structure, address classes, subnetting techniques, routing
  • ability to manage web firewalls and managed switch
  • postfix knowledge