All the hotels know that one of the best strategies for selling their rooms is the direct communication with potential customers. Among the possible tools, email marketing is by far the fastest, effective and cheapest one.

It’s ideal for communicating with your guests and customers, but also to develop new and profitable B2B relationships with travel agencies, professionals, event organizers, operators and tourism promotion bodies, companies and business travelers, restaurants and car rental companies.

It helps you to:

  1. Spread your offers and holiday packages
  2. Influence the industry trends based on your offers, inviting potential customers and companies
  3. Acquire new contacts by resending periodically your communications, based on the obtained results.

With a good DEM campaign (Direct Email Marketing) you can contact in a short time a large group of subjects and inform them about your company, the latest news, promotions and current events, or encouraging them to visit the hotel’s website and to book their vacation.

Email marketing offer many other advantages, like:

  • It’s low-cost: compared to traditional marketing tools, sending a large amount of email requires a very small investment.
  • Speed: an email message arrives in real time and within a few hours you can send millions of emails.
  • Measurable: an email marketing campaign helps you to know the return on investment (ROI) and other data such as open rates and clicks, very useful to lead the success of an email marketing campaign.
  • Direct communication: the DEM sending allows to send messages to a specific target audience, segmented by activity, geographical area, company size or other characteristics.

In the tourism sector Bancomail owns, more than 557.305 complete master data among professionals, travel agencies, tourism organizations, tour operators and companies that organize congresses, conferences or incentives.
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