What is the Bancomail Non-Profit Program?

Most marketing measures are about selling more…more products, more services. Sometimes marketing is used for a good cause, to spread the word about a non-profit project or company. But what would it look like if you could combine both? – Sell more and also make a contribution to a good cause!?

We at Bancomail asked ourselves this question more than seven years ago and then launched a project that has been doing exactly this for over six years now – combining both aspects in a unique way. The “Bancomail Non-Profit-Program” deserves definitely more attention and this is reason enough to take a closer look at this project and maybe to make it even more successful in the future.  

The Concept

The basic concept is to support Non-Profit Organizations. On the one hand, we offer NPOs a platform with our homepage to introduce and present themselves. On the other hand, we offer our customers the opportunity to support just by choosing a specific association when buying from us. The actual donation is then paid by Bancomail and equals 10 percent of the purchasing price.

With the choice of an association, our customers commit to support this organisation also in the future. Every upcoming purchase will trigger a donation done by Bancomail. If wanted, this commitment can be stopped at any given moment.

One important key aspect is the use of our Online-Portal for Clients, Partners and Associations. In this way all settings and transactions are very easy to manage, to review and to trigger. This will improve efficiency for all involved parties.  

Benefits for NPOs

There are many advantages for Non-Profit Organisations using our program. After official registration they gain access to our Web-Portal with the possibility to manage all their data fully autonomously. This includes contact data and also information to present their associations.  

Furthermore, they can use a Data-Dashboard which offers valuable information like an overview over all the companies which supported them in the past. In this way, building closer connections is made easy and brings additional potential.

Another very helpful tool is our template for presenting the NPO to new companies without existing relations. With this template they can, again completely autonomously, create and send a first presentation via email, asking for support. This structured approach helps to save time and to easily connect with potential donors.

Another major advantage is the Direct-Mailing Program executed by Bancomail on behalf of the NPOs. I this way the NPO can be presented to thousands of email recipients to win future donors and supporters. A measure with enormous potential. 

To finish, there is to mention, that all the incoming donations for a NPO can be withdrawn as a bank transfer or the credits can be used to be converted into specific Bancomail databases. These databases will then help with further marketing activities.

Benefits for Bancomail customers

Customers help in this way to support a good cause. With a donation they help directly and concretely, without detours and without “dark channels”. The money is used for specific purposes. This should and can of course already be a great motivation.

Prerequisite for the NPOs

Part of our program are exclusively non-profit organizations that fully meet the requirements competent authorities and can also prove this with the appropriate documentation. In this way, we have already been able to welcome over 100 different organizations to our program and we would be happy to include more companies in the coming years.

After the status as a NPO is verified, we create a profile for the company on our dedicated website. Important components are, for example, the company presentation, a dedicated contact person and full contact details. With this presentation the association can be selected for a donation.

How to donate!?

With our program, any company who purchases Bancomail S.p.A. services can donate. The option to donate is integrated into our standard online purchasing process. For this reason, it is easy to reach and also done in a quick and easy way.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers and partners who have already donated through our program in the past, and we already would like to thank for all future donations.

The following applies to all interested companies:

For all interested companies, who like to purchase address databases for their Email Marketing and thus win new customers:  Why not combine this with a donation to a Non-Profit Organisation of your choice?