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The Email Marketing continues to be a vital communication channel. The annual DMA report states that with every email sent, corresponds on average a 30 times higher ROI. In the Report, 95% of the respondents said that they consider Email Marketing to be an “important” or a “very important” tool for their business. That’s why… Read more »

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25% off on all Bancomail Database | Plus get back another 25%

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Use code XMAS17 until December 31 and get 25% off on all database! Plus, get back 25% of your purchase for a new one untill February 28. Bancomail is one of the largest database for Email Marketing. With more than 8.000.000 companies worldwide, we provide up to date, quality corporate registries with email addresses included…. Read more »

Email Marketing – Creating an automated Email flowIn B2B marketing, using automated flows can increase sales by 10%

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Nowadays, Email Marketing is more than just sending an email to your database from time to time. Marketers have always wanted to deliver relevant and interesting messages to their readers, today we know this is possible thanks to the technology that allows us to deliver messages to users exactly when they want. Email automation allows… Read more »

Sell Email Marketing Database from your WordPress Site

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Why sell email marketing? (later we’ll go deeper into) Integrate Bancomail services into your daily business Sell targeted and guaranteed email lists by connecting to our database. Plus, if you have your own sending platform let your customers consult, purchase or download new records for their Email Marketing. Set up and ready to sell within… Read more »

Email Marketing: how to write Call To Action that work

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The bittersweetness of a perfect Email Marketing campaign is the Call to Action. A key aspect that determines not only the success or failure of the marketing action, but also captures the reader’s interest regarding the received email. The Call to Action is in fact, the emphatic point of a message and coincides with the… Read more »

Link Bancomail. Earn Commissions. Introducing the Bancomail Promoter Program.

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Promote one of the largest B2B email marketing database Know a business or a freelance that could benefit from Bancomail? We sell one of the largest database for Email Marketing, help them to find a better way of doing B2B Email Marketing. Join now and you’ll receive 5€ for every sign up and 5% for each sale… Read more »