On the integration processes, the first questions are: Where are my customers? They find satisfying my current offer or this require changes? How to get reachable and how to highlight on a new market?

Traditional approaching methods to foreign markets, provide besides budget relief, important market analysis. A new approach to find and attack new alternative markets and promote products and services abroad is certainly offered by the digital marketing.

Email Marketing particularly provides analysis tools to evaluate the receptivity of an area regarding its offer. It’s in fact a targeted, profiled, personal and effective way to communicate with your audience. The costs are very affordable and transparent and, as benefits, are easily identifiable and measurable.

Database prospects – One of the most valuable assets for the company

If the customers are to the company, the source of well-being, the potential ones are even more important. In other words, they represent the future. The contact database is a key asset of information that can be used to understand and satisfy the customers expectations and to loyalize them.

In the B2B sector no one ignore a diffused profiling on product and geographical level, which favors the marketing activities. The target is the key to the success. Ensuring that the messages are sent to those segments of users that will produce results, increases click-through rates and conversion. The quality and content of the product is important, but cannot have good results unless it’s received by the right recipient. Indeed, all consumers expect to find contents oriented on their needs and interests.

Practicaly, the ability to send in time content to a specific audience, at the right time and place, is a great advantage that the current technology makes available to the email marketing.