Another great day for Marketing!

Doesn’t matter how people in your business sector will choose to celebrate Easter, what’s important in this period, is the great opportunity to propose your product and to place it in your consumer’s mind.

During these days, promotions and newsletters, can have great visibility and can achieve quickly their goals.

Not only sweets and eggs

The Easter period is not only an opportunity to sell eggs and sweets: different market sectors increase sales during this period. The tourism and hospitality sector for example, increase their bookings thanks to small holiday periods that consumers allow themselves and enjoy in wait of the beautiful season. Also in this period, many other activities related to tourism, draw sale benefits.

Take time to think about your business context, using the tourists point of view. Also the events organization sector offers opportunities not only for those who organizes them, but also for those who provide food and wine products or various kind of gifts (flowers, jewelry, stuffed animals and so on).

Easter means also Spring too

Colors come alive and floral fantasies decorate tables and windows: a great opportunity for the clothing industry and interior/exterior design sector.

Marketing after the Easter holidays

You know that feeling of guilt that comes after enjoying a good chocolate? Or after a hearty lunch? Thus, if you’re in the fitness business sector, then there is no better time for marketing, than the period after holidays.

Opportunity makes the marketing

If you didn’t find a connection between your business and Easter, never mind. The opportunity to send a greeting, is a great way to remember your existence.

Regardless of your business sector or if you have an e-commerce website, show your latest products, by highlighting the advantages of online buying: 24/24 open shops, without queues and with full product ranges. Keep an eye on the reading statistics (email) and purchase (on site), you’ll be amazed on how a simple greeting can reawake your customers needs.

Holidays means fun

The festive context allows companies to get out from the standard communication system and to use interactive methods to increase engagement and sales. Interactivity can come from games (do you remember the origin of the Easter Egg?), surveys, downloadable content and all those initiatives that require the consumer’s interaction with the brand. Promoting events can also have a social character, in line with the Easter spirit. It’s a way to send a good message, helping to improve brand positioning.

Themed layouts

Customizing a message into an Easter/Spring style will allow a major efficiency, because will be perceived both the sense of urgency and relevance. To play it safe, avoid religious connotations (unless it is not your specific target) and too strong ironies (unless your target is not ready to accept them). Choose a colorful floral theme: at the end of this article you’ll find some inspirational designs.

3 Layouts within the Easter egg

If you’re ready to send your greetings or at least some dedicated promotion, you can insert your news in our template:


Inspirational design