In times of difficulty and emergency, when we all must pull off our own sense of civic duty, we at Bancomail believe that marketing digitalization can contribute to reduce contagion risks while not turning off the local economy.

Compared to the past, when the world had to face scenarios of this complexity, today we have an advantage: the network.

New ways of meeting are possible: by definition, crises are an opportunity to break established patterns, sometimes even no longer efficient. In our case, communication is sometimes still rooted to traditional methods – rituals – habits that involve physical co-presence, as when you must visit to client or search for a new prospect in the field.

Today it is – and must be normal – to create opportunities for digital meetings. Today it is – and must be normal – to count on remote work policies, even when there is not an immediate concern in a specific geographic area. Business trips are frequent and, at the same time, unpredictable.

We are happy, as digital marketers, to be able to do our work remotely. Tools such as a Prospects Database allow us to adapt traditional working strategies to remote but highly efficient channels.

For this reason, from now until the emergency has ceased, we have reduced all Databases and Lists for Email Marketing price to 50%: doing our part, we are confident to support the economic needs of companies and freelancers which are now struggling.

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