From being a brand unit of Neosoft company and with a deed signed on 10/02/2021 – Bancomail turns into a joint-stock company. With a 169% growth trend over the last two years, we have finalised a capital increase, thus cementing our development objectives aimed at consolidating our position in the global markets.

This new milestone in our growth path validates our planned efforts: despite the challenging scenario arising from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the year 2020 alone has seen a 257% increase in turnover, marking a strong boost in the empowerment of Marketing-related services.

Becoming a joint-stock company is the first step in a long-term strategic plan that will guide the company through innovative tools in the field of Direct Marketing, which is our core business.

Internet has changed our lives. As marketers, we represent a community of storytellers. And in these turbulent times of crisis, storytelling is essential.

Stories have the power to change our perspectives, our minds, our future. Each story – and over the last 20 years we have come across many – has helped us to renew our perspective on the business landscape. And that’ s what we intend to continue doing with our clients.

Back in 2001, Email Marketing had just started its journey, Bancomail was Neosoft’s first brand unit and employed just two people. Those were the days when, somehow, we were the guys who had to convince the other party that “yes, Email Marketing works, trust me”. The goal, an ambitious one and a forerunner for the digital context of the time, was to exploit digital technology to stimulate and conveniently foster development opportunities and mutual visibility between companies.

Twenty years have passed since that day and Bancomail’s journey has continued unabated a journey made up of solutions, people and innovation. Today Bancomail has a network of over 800 resellers, a R&D team committed to digital innovation, and a sales team from all over Europe. Being recognised as a company offering tailor-made solutions allows us to integrate our services, in whitelabel mode, even into third-party applications that offer services leveraging our value.

Twenty years have passed since that day and we have grown every day into data pioneers: specialists in the techniques, regulations and methodologies for acquiring and processing data with a view to unlocking opportunities based on its full potential.

Twenty years have passed since that day and we have delivered targeted email marketing lists to more than 10,000 companies: from small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations to the public sector. We are proud to be part of the world of great business revolutions.

If you’ve been part of it, you know: we’ve ridden the years of mass digitalisation, ranking Bancomail among the most influential in anticipating and driving change.

That’s why this is another turning point that carries with it a revolution.