Content marketing is the art to create, publish and assign the various type of content in order to attract, engage and maintain customers. It’s a communication channel based on reciprocity that e-commerce business operators may use to connect with regular customers and prospect.

When a company publish some content, this shouldn’t be readed only by potential customers but it should get a like, share or a purchase and Email is among the most recommended tools to send content. Despite the alternatives, it is still the main communication channel, checked more than 70 times a day by the B2B business operators. Following we’ll see how finding new presentation strategies for your product is essential in the target expansion strategy.

2016’s September trends bet all on Video Marketing, shopping guides and seasonal articles dedicated to holidays or to specific periods.

1. Video Marketing

Regardless your target and selling product, videos are a powerful tool for content marketing. Whether you sell to companies or individuals, your interlocutor is the brain, particularly, its part related to emotions. Recently Hubspot reported that adding a video to an offers landing page can increase the conversation of 80%.

Programming a Video Marketing Strategy means to:

  1. Develop a video or a series of videos.
  2. Integrate the videos to the usual communication channels, website included.
  3. Upload on YouTube.

Certainly the development of a video requires greater production times than those necessary for writing an article, but its value in time lasts longer.

2. Gift ideas shopping guide

Year-end festivities are through the most important opportunities for the entire business year: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas. During this period people are looking for products, ideas, information and services. September is a good month to create these types of content.

Of course, the shopping guides have to follow your core business theme and must be useful for the reader. Here are some ideas for Halloween for different types of companies not strictly related to the theme:

  • [clothing] 10 ways to dress on Halloween without masks and costumes
  • [library] 5 Halloween costumes for Harry Potter fans
  • [DIY, electricity and electronics] Frightening ideas to decorate your house for Halloween

And here’s a couple for Christmas:

  • 8 high-tech gifts for technological grandparents
  • 32 last minute Christmas gifts for true procrastinators

Counting your suggestions, it’s an effective technique to focus yourself on a selection of ideas, by transferring to your reader the reliability of an editorial choice.

3. Seasonal and thematic Life Style shopping guides

As we stated earlier, Content Marketing works better when it’s useful. When you help a person to solve a problem or to acquire a new ability, you are building a relationship that will probably lead to further business opportunities.

As for gift ideas, your product is the most important. Make sure to outline the content target following a comprehensive and detailed classification. At the same time, to offer interesting and relevant topics, it’s important to know the user category that will receive the content. You can draw inspiration from articles on websites like, eHow and wikiHow.

Here are some ideas for thematic guides in different categories:

  • [furniture] Scandinavian trends for a nordic cozy home
  • [DIY] How to renew an old radiator in 5 steps
  • [sportswear] How to train for a marathon

For more satisfactory results, combine the guide with Video Marketing elements.