Halloween and Email Marketing are a perfect match. Email is one of the most productive marketing channels: 86% of a Hubspot B2B research (2018) respondents states that it remains the favorite channel for commercial communications and 89% of marketers interviewed by a Mailigen search stated that email is the main channel to acquire Lead Generation. Active email accounts continue to grow and will reach 5.6 billion in 2019 (Statitsa, 2018). On the other hand, to mention just some countries, are estimated high revenues for traders: about 9 billion for the United States, 419 million for the United Kingdom and 250 million for Italy.

Halloween for the B2B, really?

In this period shops fill up with sweets and delicacies, almost every bar and every restaurant organizes a themed event and, as tradition dictates, more and more people celebrate. Like Valentine’s Day, Halloween is an opportunity to see how B2C marketing turns into something unexpected and big. But what’s useful for B2B in this period?

If your company sells chocolates, sweets, decorations, then even in the B2B sector it’s a breeze. In addition to the B2C, your B2B target is represented by all these services such as hotels and restaurants that can benefit from your product. But if your company doesn’t produce products specifically related to this theme? A first approach could be to prepare an ad hoc line for your Halloween-themed product. It requires a little creativity, but marketing is for this, right?

But the Halloween hype is also useful for those companies that have little to do with Halloween. The themed competitions are always more popular and they direct people to your site where they will find the information to participate; this type of activity is useful for companies because it helps to create and share content, generating followers that normally would be difficult to obtain. This is useful when dealing with boring and “buttoned up” B2B products or services.

In this link are collected some ideas on using the Halloween concept in products apparently unrelated to this theme. These are original concepts, also applicable in the B2B area, which allow marketing professionals to subvert the traditional rules for a fun vision of their product.

Sponsoring events it’s another chance to present your Brand. Another way is to organize a theme-based fundraising event, to be presented through media, e-mail and the stories of the participants.

However, here is the common denominator in order to increase sales: every company must take advantage of major events (festivities, holidays) like Halloween, to make them more interesting and to suggest new trends and functionalities.

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