In periods of crisis is more than necessary to optimize all resources and find new strategies. This could be one of the reasons why in the last years Co-Marketing actions are spreading all over.

These promotions of products or services are based on the co-operation between two or more companies. Often these are tactical actions and therefore time-limited. However that doesn’t mean that a good performance could not lead to a consolidated Marketing Partnership, think for instance about the recent partnership between hotels and air lines.

Co-Marketing can be declined in many ways, according to its goal, nevertheless its instruments are not so different from the ones normally used by companies. In this sense also Email Marketing could play an important role.

The first step in order to start with this kind of collaboration is to find the right partners not only in your field but also in other ones. When it comes to Newsletter is important to identify the products or services that can interest your customers. To analyse the interests of your audience is crucial to recognize the companies that you can establish a Marketing Partnership with.

Then you can proceed in two different ways: sending one joined Email to customers of both companies or hosting some partner contents in your campaign and viceversa. In any case is necessary to select with care the topics, preferring the ones that can attract the new composed audience. Thanks to its simple rules and its multiple application ways Co-Marketing is a good solution to expand containing costs.