Over time, you’ve acquired and built am email database and you’ve conquered clients and prospects whom to send personalized offers. Your experience teached you what kind of message and communication to send, in order to be always relevant, thanks to the significance and attractiveness of your content. You manage and control the performance of your campaigns, you’re also gearing up for a more advanced segmentation of your list. Something’s missing?

The risk is that there hasn’t been developed a plan to maximize the email marketing strategy, increasing the range of communications or by increasing the readers database. More than consolidation and management, it’s important to consider the email marketing as a system for creating relationships. The acquired contacts have already developed an interest
in your products or company, so you should keep up their interest through a profiled strategy.

This cycle, will bring, besides the desired successes, other two main unavoidable consequences: the statis of less involved users and the sign out, via unsubscribing, of those even less interested.

Because of this it’s necessary to update and improve the user’s database for at least 6 reasons:

  1. Your database is one of the most important business assets that you own and can take with you. There will always be a new social network, but the only communication technology that still survive is the email. You’ll be able to write to your mailing list, even when the Google algorithm will change, or Facebook will support new features. The value of your database consist in the ability to maintain the built relationships and that’s why it should be treated with care and dedication.
  2. Chain effect: more contacts, more readers, more conversions. Every reader may be a sharer of your message because is able to forward it. That’s why a bigger contact list, increases the deliverability of the email marketing campaign.
  3. Working on a new user database, clarifies the objectives. When you’re creating an opt-in email, you must notify the recipients on the benefits they’ll have if they gives you the permission to send them newletters. It’s an opportunity to point out the value of the offer and to test its possible success. Evaluating the success of an action will allow, through the choice of new strategies, to set up your objectives.
  4. You can increase the engagement and start conversations via email. The email is a two-way communication tool, even if your point of view can mislead you that it’s only a medium-type of broadcast. When you send your DEM campaigns, you can query your readers. That’s could be the beginning of many personal conversations.
  5. Increase the number of your recipients, it will offer you more communication and parnership opportunities. More people you know and more informations you exchange with them, more chances to get partnerships you’ll have. Your goal must be to become one of the most critical players of your sector, the stakeholders will think of you when it will treat about selling or marketing opportunities.
  6. Increased target = Increased potential sales. Although this is the most important benefit, is also the most obvious, for this reason is the last one of this ranking. More readers will be aware of your products and services, more potential sales you can make. The moment when the magic happens is when, you can choose which products to send to which prospect. When their clicks will indicate their preferences, you’ll have to know that the follow-up is in your hands and can be carried out with email marketing actions and / or remarketing sem advertising.