Surpassed its initial boom, Email has been forced to live hard times when his end was predicted in more and more opportunities due to the rise of social networks and other technologies.

Predictions always disregarded, given that the ROI of Email Marketing has never yielded in offering increasing results to businesses. Year after year the Email Marketing has undergone a radical revolution that allowed its move from the one-to-many bulking emailing to the all’automated one-to-one, customized and efficient at the same time.

So finally, we are no longer forced to read predictions about its imminent decline, but we can finally enjoy its glory. Email is smarter and stronger than ever and today is used to deliver the right content to the right person at the right moment.

Powerful and affordable, Email Marketing and automation are now available for all marketers, regardless of their technical skill and business sector.

But what to expect from 2017? Here are some predictions:

We’ll bring customization to a higher level

The data collection is making the email marketing more intelligent and powerful thanks to the best possible customization and automation. However, the data driven marketing is not a “set and forget”  solution. 2017 will be the year in which marketers must focus on updating metrics by recalibrating the segments based on implicit data and focusing on those behaviors that lead to really valuable  insights. Also, with more and more devices connected in homes, cars and in each person’s life, marketers will be able to integrate services to know much more information about their users (for  example, visited websites, downloaded applications and other behavioral information). Unique and useful information to divide the audience into segments based on preferences allowing content customizations that often go beyond the use of your own product or brand.

Mobile Payments on the go

Over the rising years in the mobile culture, the Email has always held forth without yielding.  With rates between 60 and 70% of mobile readings, the email remains a primary merging point with mobile devices. It’s expected that the increase of the mobile payments will make even more  owerful the email boxes that,  with the available technologies, could integrate already from next year with the one-click email payments.

There will be a revolution in design

The flexible design systems are changing the way in which the emails are created. We talk about the Drag and Drop tools, but also about the tools integrated in the business workflow that process, combine data and send email. Designers, developers and content creators will work together to develop the systems to use in their companies, like modular sets that will reduce the decision times, leaving more room to the choice of contents. As already happens with Bootstrap on the Web, there will always be possibilities to break the rules by creating unique designs, but most companies will find functional to send email quickly by focusing more on the final message.